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Sky Bet

With Sky revolutionising sport on the television there was no doubt that they would venture into the gambling business and in 2000 the acquisition of the Sports Internet Group to BSkyB saw the birth of Sky Bet.

The Sports Internet Group were already in charge of a small betting form called Surrey Sports and in July 2002 it was rebranded with the name Sky Bet, which has now grown into one of the leading bookmakers in the country.

BSkyB continued to grow their Sky Bet empire through the 2000's taking on a few minor online betting companies including totalbet and ukbetting and then in 2006 purchased the 365 Media Group.

Based in Leeds, the firm use advertising on the Sky Sports network to attract customers and have used the slogan 'It matters more when there's money on it' as another way of attracting custom.

The introduction of Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and many more gaming products have allowed Sky Bet to branch out and they are now widely regarded as one of the top companies in the UK.

Like many others they have ventured into horse racing sponsorship and they now sponsor the Sky Bet Chase that takes place at Doncaster and the Sky Bet York Stakes and Sky Bet Dash, to name a few.